Past Performance

518210 – GSA + CDC

Mechanicode was tasked with providing cloud IT product assessment, design, development, re-architecture, enhancement, deployment and operations and maintenance for the CDC IT Portfolio while establishing DevSecOps enterprise conventions.

Mechanicode is leading a team of 12 engineers consisting of DevOps engineers, data engineers/scientists, UX designers and application developers to migrate data-intensive applications within the CDC to an enterprise Azure/AWS platform, while improving upon the said platform.

518210C – NASA Cloud Modernization POC

Mechanicode had an engagement with NASA, in which they wanted to modernize how they react to disasters taking advantage of direct satellite acquisition and cloud-scale processing that will reduce latency from acquisition to data availability for scenarios like disaster response. Mechanicode proposed to demonstrate an architecture that acquires, processes, and makes available open broadcast science data entirely in the cloud. Leveraging the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Ground Station service. we demonstrated selecting and scheduling satellite acquisitions for open science data then use the scalable nature of the cloud to execute a full processing Direct Readout stack. NASA accepted the proof of concept and is now finding integration points with internal development teams

54151 - Private Firms & Startup DevSecOps services

Digital Service Playbook

Mechanicode audits the start-up’s continuous integration infrastructure. Plans and implements deployment and operational infrastructure as agreed upon post-audit. Design and build a modernized cloud-based continuous integration infrastructure for our distributed software systems. As well as develop and deploy operational metrics and observability tooling.