DevOps Engineer

Salary: 90-120k
Must be a U.S citizen
4-6 years of professional experience
Ability to obtain a public trust security clearance

Essential Skills, Experience, and Competencies

- Experience with implementing cloud infrastructure on AWS/Azure.
- Proficient with ´╗┐Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CDK, etc)
- Experience with Linux, and Bash scripting.
- Working Experience with programming languages like Python, or Golang,
- Experience with containerization technologies (e.g.Docker, containerD)
- Ability to develop the architecture for continuous integration and deployment as well as continuous monitoring
- Experience supporting scalable and elastic applications on distributed architectures.
- Strong ability and understanding of securing systems on the application, network, and infrastructure layers.
- Experience managing network/compute/database infrastructure with infrastructure-as-code.
- Experience with Observability in the cloud, building monitoring & alerting frameworks
- Expert in basic git actions like cloning, creating branches, navigating between branches, staging code for commit, committing code, resetting, and merging.
- Proven ability to work under pressure and in fast-paced environments.

Nice to Have

- AWS/Azure Certifications

Interview Steps

- Preliminary Technical Screen
- Hackerrank
- Hackerrank Review
- Client Interviewerience with implementing cloud infrastructure on AWS/Azure.